Spot Festival 2018 – Friday highlights


Sturle Dagsland:




Hollow Birds:

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Kellermensch – 2018-02-16 Aarhus

Listen to Don’t Let It Bring You Down from Fridays performance at Voxhall below:

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Solbrud – 2017-11-03 Aarhus

Triple black metal at Radar with Gespenst, Orm and Solbrud.

Listen to Solbrud’s Dødemandsbjerget here:

1) Forfald
2) Skyggeriget
3) Besat af Mørke
4) Afbed
5) Dødemandsbjerget

Set length:
54 minutes

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Sigur Rós – 2017-10-07 Copenhagen

Listen to Ný Batterí from yesterday’s concert in Forum by masters of beautiful soundscapes, Sigur Rós:

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The Boy That Got Away – 2017-09-15 Aarhus

So you thought grunge was dead?!

The Boy That Got Away proved us wrong yesterday at Radar with their Dizzy Mizz Lizzy / grunge inspired hybrid sound. Good stuff. Soundgarden’s Mailman was briefly performed as the show closer – listen below.

Mailman [Soundgarden cover]:

Moonsick [w/ Stig Gamborg of I’ll Be Damned]:

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Sonja Hald feat. Niels Skousen -2017-09-02 Aarhus

Niels Skousen joined Sonja Hald on stager at Train and did his legendary Herfra hvor vi står:



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Metal i Mølleparken 2017 (Mono goes Metal / Understrøm)

The Sleeplings
Dead Horse:


Death To Seattle 
Tourette’s [Nirvana cover]:


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Spot Festival 2017 highlights

The annual Danish festival for upcoming artists is always a pleasure. This year was no exception. In fact I found the program to be of substantial higher standard of the past many years. Selected highlights:

Kellermensch – May 6, Musikhuset, Store Sal
Black Dress:

Darling Don’t Dance – May 6, Sway
2 awesome performances at Spot 2017 from local band – Friday in Musikhuset and Saturday at Sway. Listen to – Drawn By The Water from Sway below:

Afsky – May 6, Godsbanen
Et Sidste Farvel:

The Boy That Got Away – May 5, HeadQuarters
The River (acoustic):


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Red Warszawa and Baest – 2017-04-01 Gylling

01) Hurra Skolen Brænder
02) Ulrikkenborg Plads
03) Skinboy
04) Bagermester Jensen
05) Bilerne Ud Af Byen
06) Kkk-Salat
07) ‘Henning’
08) Analfabet
09) Jeg ved godt jeg ikke skal sove med en hånd op i røven
10) ‘Kald det Kærlighed’ (jam)
11) Techno Party
12) Bøsse Dræbt Med Stegegaffel
13) Den Sorte Garderobe
14) ‘Dunk dunk dunk’ (jam)
15) Rygeheroinchancen
16) Fjæsing
17) Sindssyg Af Natur
18) Norsk Black Metal
19) Jeg Er Kristen
20) Aldi
21) ‘Henning’
22) Er Du Lidt Tyk
23) Singelingeling
24) Dyresex Det Er Fedt
25) Jeg Headbanger Stadig
26) Der Vil Altid Være En Straf
27) Æggemad
28) De 4 Årstider I Nordvest
29) Slå Ihjel
30) Grusgrav
31) Julemandens Selvmordsbrev
32) Jeg Hader Alle Mennesker
33) Hævi Mætal og Hass
34) Return Of The Glidefedt
35) Barbiedukkeland

Set length:
1 hours, 47 minutes

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Little Annie – 2017-03-12 Aarhus

Support acts are rarely very memorable experiences. But every now and then a gem comes along. Such was the case when Swans visited Voxhall for the last time in their current incarnation.

Despite (or maybe because of) the contrasts between Little Annie and headliners Swans, the support act proved to be a perfect match for the crowd, who listened spell bound for 45 minutes as Annie took us through old and new, originals and covers. Assisting Little Annie on keyboard was Paul Wallfisch, who replaced Thor Harris on the final Swans tour.

Have a listen to Cat Stevens cover Wild World below and hear Paul Wallfisch making a beautiful come back from a short Power outage mid-song.

01) Folsom Prison Blues [Johnny Cash cover]
02) Adriana [Little Annie and Paul Wallfisch duet]
03) Angels Gone Before
04) Gown Of Tears
05) Suitcase Full of Secrets
06) Because You’re Gone Song
07) The Good Ship Nasty Queen
08) If I Were a Man
09) Wild World [Cat Stevens cover]
10) You Better Run
11) Shipbuilding [Elvis Costello cover]
12) Dear John

Set length:
46 minutes.

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